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A/B Testing Wizard

This wizard makes it easy to conduct evidence-based marketing be creating different testing groups, set their priority, and also use a control group if desired. 

  • Add actions to each testing group to create different versions of your personalized website, to be tested within the same audience segment defined by the campaign.
  • Set the rotation between versions to be randomly selected at each page refresh, at each session, or only one version per user.
  • Set control groups for even more precise analytics.



Targeting is how you define the audience segment within which you are testing various content versions. Only visitors who match the rules you enter here will see any of the testing content, and be a part of this test.

You can read more about setting up targeting here.


Here is where you create the various actions will be tested within the testing groups. Add content you want to be seen by all visitors in the targeted segment (not tested) to the “Always shown” category, and all of the content you want to test into the testing groups.

Rotation Types:
  1. Users: Each user only sees one testing version
  2. Visits: Only one testing version is shown per session
  3. Random: Version is selected at each page refresh
  4. Control Users: A portion of your targeted segment does not see the testing content
  5. Control Visits: A portion of your visitor sessions does not see the testing content


QAing your A/B Testing campaign is much like QAing any other campaign in e-Marketer. Click here to read more about the QA process.