Table of Contents

Content Display Settings

All actions besides WYSIWYG and Custom Javascript have display settings, which will determine where and how the content being shown will be displayed on your site.

Display Settings

The primary options for the display setting of any given piece of campaign content are:

  1. Show in Placeholder (Embed into Page using Content Placement)
  2. Show as a Popup (floating div)
  3. Show as Top Bar (pushes page content down)
  4. Show as Bottom Bar (pushes page content up)

Additional Settings

Additional settings will follow after and depend upon the primary display settings that were chosen. For instance, if you selected popup, additional settings will consist of choosing the popup’s animation, it’s orientation on the page, and how it is triggered.

Content Limitations and Advanced Settings

Advanced settings consist of ways that the visitor’s interactions with the content can trigger other events, such as other campaigns, custom Javascript, custom events in Google Analytics, etc. It can also trigger custom alerts/reporting to your own team.

All content also has the option of limiting how often it displays, primarily to avoid annoying visitors. For instance, you may want to only show a popup every few sessions, once it has been viewed, clicked, or closed.