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QA Campaigns

Quality Assurance for Campaigns

Before you publish your personalization campaigns to your live audience, you’ll always want to test them to make sure they look, feel, and function as you intend them to. There are three primary ways you can do this, in the e-Marketer interface:

1. Campaign QA by Generating a Testing Link

Essentially, what this option does is add a testing parameter to your targeting that in order to view the campaign, the visitor must have at some point in their sessions had a certain URL parameter, which is automatically added to the testing link you’re provided with. So, if you send this testing link to a colleague, and they click through it, they will see the campaign live on the site, but no one else on your site will.

2. Campaign QA by Saving to “Testing Mode”

Audiences that are marked for “testing” and not marked for “production” will not match regular visitors, but will match only you when you enter “testing” mode. e-Marketer campaigns will be visible on your site in testing mode for a visitor who matches the campaign targeting rules and only from a specified IP address, as defined in the account test mode settings (by default it is whoever saved the campaign).

3. Preview Campaign Through the Simulator

You can use the Simulator to see what audience criteria you are matching, which actions are executing, and also to impersonate other users, to see how the campaign will behave if you are, say, in a different location, or have a different account type. All of your visitor data (everything e-Marketer knows about you) will be visible in the simulator, and able to be overridden.

You can also simply tell e-Marketer to execute specific actions if you’re just trying to preview them on the page.

Preview Campaign Actions

You can also use the ‘Preview’ option next to each personalization Action that you create, in order to preview only that specific action.


After your campaign goes live, you can review detailed campaign statistics by clicking the Statistics icon, next to the save button, at the top of the page. 

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View Data in a Web Browser Console

You can also view the same information as in the simulator by adding the following variable to the URL of any page on your site:


Or run this in a browser  console


When this variable is added, a display will appear in your browser console which allows you to review what e-Marketer knows about you, and what it’s doing on your page at that moment.