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REST request path parameters

The URL for REST API is{OBJECT} Path parameters can be added to the request to select records by condition and sort the result. Select by record Id If


Placeholders are places on the site where e-Marketer can insert content, like banners and messages. Once you have set a placeholder, it will be available

Grab Site Dynamic Data

Guide to Grabbing Data from Site This page will guide you in how to set e-Marketer to grab visitor attributes, such as cart value, number of

Google Tag Manager

In this guide, you can see step-by-step on how to use the GTM to load e-Marketer on your page. Google Tag Manager should be installed before

Cross Domain Tracking

Cross domain tracking with e-Marketer e-Marketer enables automatic tracking of user activities across different domains! Doing so will enable you to track the entire activity of users

Google Analytics Integration

e-Marketer Integration with Google Analytics Despite the fact that e-Marketer has a very extensive analytics module of its own, we recognized the necessity of being able to present