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Explore How-To’s and learn best practices from our knowledge base.

Activating e-Marketer On Your Site

Our basic e-MARKETER setup, includes setting our tracker code up on your website, connecting your domain with our in-depth services.

e-MARKETER Recommendations

Check out all our product recommendation algorithms, available for most if not all our recommendation widgets.

Setting Monitoring for Products and Carts

Set up tracking codes for specific product interactions like "Add to Cart", "Buy", "View" and "Add to Wishlist".

Defining and Targeting an Audience

How to choose the target audience of your choice, based on a variety of dynamic attributes like traffic source, device, time-on-site, weather, time and more.

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Personalization Examples

See the extent of e-MARKETER's abilities by looking into our growing list of personalization examples.

Template Library

Take a look at all the available widgets e-MARKETER provides for personalization, recommendation and e-mail campaigns.